Yin yoga and Dace

Yin yoga


Yin yoga is a gentle and calm yet intense practice for all levels of flexibility and fitness. With basic anatomy principles in mind, it accommodates each person’s unique body type, respects our borders and develops patience with oneself. With primary focus on stretching thighs, hips and back, Yin yoga may help to re-establish a healthy joint movement and alleviate fascia-related pain. Long held stretches stimulate energy channels (meridians), relax the nervous system and, over time, serve to prepare both body and mind for meditation. Yin yoga — for your body and soul.
If you would like to know more about Yin yoga, please visit yinyoga.com, which is a rich source of information on the subject, as well as the websites of other Yin yoga teachers listed on Resources page.



Yin yoga teacher, certified by Paul Grilley (RYT-500h),
almost 900h of TT-level courses, plus many workshops
Dace started practising yoga in early 2005 as part of upgrading the quality of life after moving from Latvia to Brussels. For a few years, she enjoyed the flow and effort of Ashtanga practice, then was led to appreciate other yoga styles such as Iyengar, Anusara and Somatic yoga.
A major turning point in her practice was Yin yoga and anatomy teacher training with Paul and Suzee Grilley (initiators of Yin yoga) in 2010. It opened wide new doors to asana exploration and reconnection with one’s body. Since then, Dace has completed several more Yin yoga teacher training courses with the Grilleys (2012–2019, almost 600h) and other internationally renowned teachers such as Bernie Clark (2014), Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier (2015), Joe Barnett (2016), Jo Phee (2019), as well as several workshops with Sarah and Ty Powers, Donna Farhi, Max Strom, Amy Matthews and yet many others.
Dace started teaching weekly classes in 2012, workshops in 2014, and enjoys both since the very beginning. You will find a list of her past workshops here. Since 2015, she also teaches every year 20h anatomy module of the Brussels Yoga Loft Ashtanga Yoga TT.
In 2017, her life was enriched by Unitary Reiki, crystal energy and esoteric meditation.
While she loves to share her enthusiasm for functional anatomy in workshops, Dace’s deeper passion is to help reconnect with the inner truth of your body and soul.