First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the inspiring, thought-provoking teachers and souls that I have met over the years and to their teachers and teachers’ teachers…, as well as my parents, grandparents, brother, colleagues, friends, students, supportive and protective guides and many, many others who have touched my life in a meaningful way. It is because of You that I am walking my path. Thank you for your encouragement and for showing me the way! I prostate to you. May you be well! May your inner Light shine brightly! Namaste.

Photo: My beloved Yin yoga, anatomy and chakra meditation teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley, with their loooong time students and assistants Joe Barnett and Jo Phee – very experienced and very knowledgable teachers themselves. What a blessing to know you!


I had the pleasure to take part in a 20-hours anatomy class given by Dace during my YTT. I feel so grateful for everything I have learned from her during that condensed experience. Her teaching technique felt unique and super efficient. Encouraging me to question myself and search not for “the”, but for “my” answer. She really empowered me. Bonus: she has an uplifting personality and her humour is both cunning and delightful. Thank you from all my heart!
Claire D.

Dace is an incredible teacher that opens your eyes on the way you perceive the Body. She has a fun way of teaching that really make you remember things.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Yin yoga introduction course. Dace is precise, clear, and she weaves a subtle sense of humour into her teaching.”

Those 20 hours of anatomy class changed my mind and the way I treat my body and other’s bodies. A new passion was born with this introduction and Dace’s method is awesome allowing us to learn as much as possible in only a few hours. Thanks!!

I really enjoyed the workshop ‘Anatomy fun for yogis’ and was surprised that learning about bones and muscles can be so interesting. Learning to take my unique shape into account and understanding the difference between tension and compression will help me to improve and develop my personal yoga practice safely. Also I loved Yin yoga practice and relaxation, it was a very rewarding weekend!

Dace shared with us during two weekends the basics of anatomy with a special focus on variations in human bodies. Her teaching technique is very playful and allowed me to understand and remember quite easily the parts of the body and their function. Her explanation about body variations was enlightening and will definitely change the way I adjust my body in my own yoga practice and how I will guide my students through theirs! Your body, Your yoga!

Dace did a really great job bringing Yin Yoga into the spotlight by organizing these two workshops: Introduction to Yin Yoga and Yin Yoga Workshop on Energetics, giving the opportunity to learn about Yin yoga in a more thorough and in depth way than a regular class would allow. The practice left me peaceful, relaxed and grounded, and the whole session brought a calming and soothing effect, at the same time providing nourishing insights for the mind and opening ways to delve deeper into the exploration of Yin yoga. Last but not least, the beautiful space of Shanti Home adds the extra grain of gleam; the place fully deserves its name and it stands up to it!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! You are an inspiring teacher!

Dace is a source of knowledge and positive energy that makes anatomy super funny and interesting to learn. She shares not only deep knowledge but a complete way of living as a yogi and taking care of yourself. Really inspiring!

Really wonderful person and teacher with many skills, such as teaching, sharing and empowering students. Thank you!!!!

It exceeded my expectations. I never thought that I’d love anatomy. I thought it would be boring and difficult but it turned out to be fun!