100h Yin yoga training: foundations, functional anatomy and energy body

100h Yin yoga training: foundations, functional anatomy and energy body

With ever-growing interest in Yin yoga, this is a unique opportunity to plunge into deeper exploration of the quiet, insightful and empowering Yin yoga practice.

Only a couple of spots left!
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We believe that each person is unique, and so should be your yoga. We also believe that practicing poses (asanas) becomes even more satisfying if we understand them and can make informed choices.

We would like to give you keys to the anatomical and energetic principles behind Yin yoga poses, so that you are able to practice in a way that suits You best.

While Yin yoga practice might seem simple, its underlying concepts are less so and have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, we offer an extended 100h course spread over several months so that we can take the time to clarify and assimilate these concepts.
A significant part of the training will be dedicated to analyzing the amazing anatomy and function of yoga poses, according to the method of Yin yoga initiator Paul Grilley. However, we will also discuss the broader picture of Yoga as a path of spiritual development, based on works of modern-day Yoga master and scientist Dr. Motoyama, PhD. You would be able to apply a substantial portion of what we will learn also to other parts of your practice.

The course will take place mostly on weekends. Each bloc will be a mix of lectures, interactive exercises and asana practice. Between the study weekends you might be assigned reading and/or homework.
The main language of instruction will be easy-to-understand English. Questions can be asked also in French or Dutch. Successful students will receive a certificate of Yoga Alliance continuing education hours.

This is the only 100h Yin yoga training in Brussels. The course is filling up steadily. Therefore do sign up until November 5 to secure your spot and save 200 EUR with Early Bird discount!

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Course content

* Foundational principles of Yin yoga
* Asana archetypes and their variations
* Important role of connective tissue (fascia)
* Tension vs compression
* Target areas
* 14 skeletal segments
* Skeletal uniqueness and its implications
* Anatomy of thigh, pelvis, knee, torso and upper body
* Chakra theory – three bodies and the modern meridian theory
* Energy pathways (meridians/nadis) and Yin yoga
* Rebound
* Introduction to chakra meditation

Dates and venue

The training will take place in the Brussels Yoga Loft, Place du Tomberg 18, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels, mostly on Saturdays (14:00-20:30) and Sundays (10:00-16:30).
* Jan 18 (17:00-18:30) -19-20
* Feb 9-10
* Mar 9-10
* Mar 30-31
* May 11-12 (new date!)
* May 18-19
* Jun 8-9-10 (10:00-13:00)
Should you have a difficulty with attending a particular day, please contact us and we might be able to find a solution.


Two years of consistent asana practice of any Hatha yoga style (for example, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Iyengar, Hatha, Sampoorna, Sivananda, Anusara, Restorative or Yin yoga). Curiosity and open mind. If you are not familiar with Yin yoga, we recommend taking at least three classes prior to the beginning of the course.


1250 EUR (Early bird price till 5 Nov 2018) or 1450 EUR (regular price as of 1 Nov 2018), including 400 EUR downpayment at registration to book your spot. Saldo is due by December 16, 2018.


Please fill in the registration form and transfer the downpayment to asbl Mandala of Life, BE52 3631 6449 9209, ING Belgium, BIC: BBRUBEBB, with a mention “100h Yin yoga 2019 + [your name and first name]“.

For inquiries about the registration, payments etc., please send an email to info@theyogaloft.be. If you have questions about the course content, please write to mandalaoflife@gmail.com or call +32 (0)497 252 959.

Required reading

* “Yin Yoga – Principles and Practice” by Paul Grilley (the blue book with one picture on the cover)
* “Your Body, Your Yoga” by Bernie Clark

Recommended reading
* “The Complete Guide to Yin yoga” by Bernie Clark
* “Insight Yoga” by Sarah Powers

Course instructor

Dace Osleja (RYT 500) has been studying with Yin yoga founders Paul and Suzee Grilley since 2010. In addition, she has completed several other Yin yoga teacher training courses with internationally renowned teachers such as Bernie Clark (2014), Joe Barnett (2016), Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier (2015) — in total, almost 700h of Yin yoga TT-level courses, as well as several workshops with Sarah and Ty Powers.

While she loves sharing her enthusiasm for Yin yoga and functional anatomy, Dace’s deeper passion is to help persons reconnect with the inner truth of their body and soul.

Here you will find testimonials and more information about her experience.

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